5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York

5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
5 Day Deer Hunt | Rifle | New York
Hunt Duration: 5 Days
Maximum Number of Hunters: 25
Typical Hunting Season: November
Hunting Method: Blinds, Bowhunting, Calling, Fair Chase, Management Hunt, Meat Hunt, Muzzleloader, Rifle Hunting, Stands
Guided or Semi-Guided: Semi-Guided
Land Type: Private
Language Spoken by Staff: English, Spanish, Italian
Accommodation Included: Yes

We are booking our 5 day hunt, Nov. 18-22. This is the opening 5 days of rifle season. We include all meals and lodging. Rates are per person.

Eastern New York State offers a remarkable deer hunting experience. The region’s diverse ecosystems provide ideal habitats for deer, ensuring that hunters encounter a thriving population. Forests, agricultural lands, and serene water bodies come together to create a compelling environment for both novice and experienced hunters. The area is also well-regulated, ensuring sustainable hunting practices that contribute to the health and balance of the deer population. Hunting in eastern New York is not just a pursuit, but a thoughtful engagement with nature that yields rewarding experiences and lifelong memories.

We have significant knowledge and understanding of the best places to find deer in the region, ranging from Long Island to the Adirondacks. Our experience allows us to guide you through various terrains efficiently, increasing the chances of a successful hunting trip. We are also very familiar with the rules and regulations, ensuring that the hunting activity remains safe and legal. Our guidance will not only enhance your hunting skills but also ensure a respectful and responsible interaction with nature and wildlife. Choosing us means choosing a well-planned, fruitful, and educational hunting experience.

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Pricing and Policies

Trophy Fee Included: No

Included In Price: All meals and lodging, field dressing game

Not included In Price: Butchering, taxidermy, license

Final Payment Terms: Final balance due in cash upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds on any cancellations. If we cancel you will receive a full refund, or you can reschedule.

Wound Policy: Wounded animals will be tracked, and every attempt will be made to recover your animal.

Tag Policy: Over the counter or ordered online with NYSDEC website.

Terrain Details

Wilderness consisting of oaks and pines. No steep uphill climbs. We use 4x4 to get up on top of the mountain.

Hunting Area Size: 1000 acres


We have a 3 bed room house with 4 bunks in 1 room, 2 beds in another upstairs bedroom, and 2 beds downstairs for a total 8 guests.


How to travel here: Vehicles on main road by house. 4x4 to climb the mountain to hunting area

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