Red Fox are found nearly everywhere in the world, from Europe, to Asia, to Africa, and finally North America. They are so widespread due to their ability to adapt to nearly any environment, including those heavily influenced by people. Throughout history, they have been painted as a cunning, almost devilish creature, well known for wreaking havoc in the chicken coop and slinking off without a trace. This reputation eventually led to a fox hunting tradition, where groups of people would hunt from horses and utilize dogs to run foxes down. These hunts typically took place in Europe, with England being the main proprietor of the sport.

Where To Hunt Fox

Fox are hunted and trapped throughout the world, but most dedicated fox hunters are found in Europe. Countries like England, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, and Russia all have good fox hunting, and use a variety of techniques to take these animals in fields and wooded areas. Traditional fox hunts employ the use of a group of hounds, while hunters follow on foot or horseback.

Fox Hunting Techniques

Traditional “noble” style hunts do still take place, but most fox hunts are conducted differently nowadays. Now, fox are hunted like most predators, with hunters calling, baiting, or spot and stalking animals. Some hunters also utilize a variety of traps to ensnare fox. However, fox are most effectively hunted using specially trained “foxhounds” that track the animal, much like you would a rabbit or mountain lion.

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