What Is HuntAnywhere.Com?

HuntAnywhere.com is the leading innovator of our industry: we represent the largest collection of professional hunting guides and outfitters found anywhere in the world. We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and professional hunting experts. And because we care about our wildlife, we donate a portion of each booked trip to several of the leading conservation and eco-groups…we really do!

What Does “Book Your Next Adventure With Confidence” Mean?

HuntAnywhere.com is the world’s leading hunting reservation platform, created by the same people of FishAnywhere. We pride ourselves on payment security, which is why “Book your next Adventure with Confidence” isn’t just a tag line, it’s a promise to provide you with the most secure payment procedures available to ensure the financial security of both our customers, and our trip providers. This also includes refunds to customers when a booked trip is not able to happen due to weather, maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances.

How Does HuntAnywhere.Com Work?

HuntAnywhere.com has the best, most extensive list of professional hunting guides and outfitters available. Search by location, calendar dates, or type of animal and find the best option for your trip. After the trip, be sure to leave a review for your trip provider, they really appreciate it!

How Do I Pay For My Hunting Trip?

HuntAnywhere offers our Customers several ways to pay for the deposit for their trip. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. Your payment will be processed through U.S. banks, and is protected through our secure payment processor.

How Does HuntAnywhere.Com Handle Cancellations And Refunds?

Trip providers display their cancellation policy on their listing for customers to see. Be sure to pay close attention as each guide sets their own cancellation policy and refunds are based on these policies.

*Notice: All sales are final 24 hours prior to trip*

What If My Trip Provider Doesn’t Show Up?

A “no-show” for a guide or outfitter is an issue we take very seriously. In the unlikely event your trip provider isn’t available for whatever reason on the day of your trip, please call us at 1-833-I-GO-HUNT (446-4868).  We will then make every effort to find another local trip provider. Or you can simply receive a refund from HuntAnywhere.com…it’s the Confidence we bring to each of our customers!

What Do I Bring On My Hunting Trip?

Every hunting adventure is different; we recommend checking out the guide listing for rules and what is provided. However, your trip provider will send you what is recommended to bring (and not to bring) to make the most of your day.

Where Do I Meet My Guide?

Transportation is different for each trip. Some providers will have you meet at the lodge, others may have a pick-up location. Your hunting guide will give you instructions on the meeting place.

Do I Need A Hunting License?

Every state and hunting trip have different rules for license, permits, and tag requirements. It is your responsibility to ask your trip provider well in advance whether or not you will need to purchase your own license or tag. (Note that licenses can start as low as $5.00, or reach as high as $1,000 – it all depends on the type of hunt and location.)

Do I Tip My Hunting Guide?

If you are satisfied with your hunting adventure, it is the industry norm to show your appreciation by tipping your guide once the trip is completed (we suggest a 10-20% tip). Tipping the Guide/Outfitter is always appreciated, especially if they put you on the animal! We don’t include the option to pre-pay a gratuity through HuntAnywhere.com for the same reason you don’t pre-tip a server while out at dinner. You want to make sure the service is worthy of a tip! Cash is preferred by our trip providers, but you can discuss payment options with them when the time comes.

Why Do I Have To Donate To Your List Of Conservation Groups?

You don’t! A portion of every transaction made through HuntAnywhere.com is dedicated to the top wildlife conservation groups in the country to ensure the longevity of our natural resources. HuntAnywhere donates to these groups on your behalf.

What Is A HuntAnywhere.Com Gift Certificate?

HuntAnywhere.com offers gift certificates to customers throughout the year for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions. Customers can select gift certificate amount (available for $25, $50, $100, or $200), send a message, and either email the gift certificate to gift recipient, or email to themselves and print out to give. Gift Certificates are valid for one year (12 months) from purchase date; any unused balance is nonrefundable. Those redeeming a gift certificate code will do so at checkout of any trip available on the site; multiple codes can be used during one transaction. If gift certificate value does not cover the total cost of a trip, holder of gift certificate (recipient) must pay balance at time of transaction.

Is HuntAnywhere.Com Based In The United States?

YES. In fact, HuntAnywhere.com is based in Florida – and is the sister site to FishAnywhere.com. Together these services provide outdoor enthusiasts a one-stop-shop for your next adventure! HunAnywhere.com and FishAnywhere.com are owned and run by outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for making your fishing and hunting adventures more successful.

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