The outdoor scene in Vermont is primarily occupied by downhill skiers and hikers, with hundreds of slopes and trails crisscrossing the mountainous terrain. You may also know Vermont for its cheddar cheese or maple syrup, but there is more to the state than meets the eye. With big game animals like Moose, Black Bear, and Whitetail deer covering the landscape, the opportunities for a phenomenal hunting experience are boundless.

Hunting In Vermont

Vermont Moose Hunting

You may be surprised to learn that moose are not only found in the Rockies or Alaska. With a population of over 2,200 moose living in Vermont, the state runs short seasons for both archery and rifle hunters. Those wishing to apply as a non-resident must purchase a base license and then pay a small application fee. Being that state agencies tightly manage the population, only a handful of permits are awarded each season. If you have the privilege of getting a tag, the hunt is neither one you will soon forget nor one with a lack of meat. If you are not so lucky to hold a moose tag, don’t worry, as black bear tags are included on all hunting licenses for the late bear season.

Vermont Black Bear Hunting

Bears have become extremely prolific in Vermont, more than tripling in population over the past 5 decades. This has opened up a fantastic hunting scene for the big game predator. Unlike many areas, baiting is not allowed. However, amateur bear-dog hunters can hunt with hounds provided they have the correct permitting. 

Vermont Deer Hunting

If bear hunting isn’t quite your thing, you will likely enjoy a classic northeastern deer hunt. Deer hunting tradition runs deep with Vermont hunters, and nearly every licensed hunter takes at least one deer every season. With so many public and private lands to hunt, it is no wonder so many deer are harvested annually. Hunters are allowed one antlered and three antlerless deer per season, which is plenty of meat to fill the freezer with. On the other hand, if you’re a good old boy that loves hearing the call of a thunder chicken on a crisp spring morning, all you want to hear about are the turkeys.

Vermont Turkey Hunts

It is said that Vermont has the best turkey hunting in all of the northeast. With up to 45,000 birds in a relatively small area, it is not uncommon to see groups of hundreds of birds together. With success rates at an uncommonly high 25 percent, it is obvious why Vermont has become a go-to turkey state. Vermont considers turkeys big game, so hunters must obtain a base license, turkey license, and turkey tag to chase gobblers. 

Vermont Upland Bird Hunting

If a 3-year-old tom gobbling his head off at 7 yards doesn’t get your blood pumping, maybe you prefer the adrenaline shot of a Ruffed Grouse exploding from his hiding place after being pointed by your favorite bird dog. Vermont is one of the last places in the northeast that the Ruffed Grouse calls home. As a result of quality management by the state, several Wildlife Management Areas offer fantastic hunting for both Grouse and Woodcock. Hunters must carry Federal and state Migratory bird stamps as well as a hunting license and Harvest Information Program survey to chase upland birds. If you still aren’t satisfied with Vermont’s hunting opportunities, perhaps you are interested in chasing ducks and geese.

Vermont Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting is not very popular in Vermont, but this simply opens the door to those that love to do so. Early season, puddle ducks can be hunted effectively in the usual manner on ponds and lakes. However, it gets really exciting in the later season when the elusive diver ducks hit the big water and species like Goldeneyes, Scaup, and Buffleheads can be hunted with great success. On top of this, both Canada and Snow geese flood the Atlantic flyway and swarm the grain fields of the state. Hunters must purchase the same permits needed for upland bird hunting before they can let these migrators have some steel shot.

Book Your Next Vermont Hunt

Whether you are looking to harvest the moose of a lifetime, arrow a beautiful black bear, or wail on snow geese during the conservation season, Vermont has opportunities for hunters of all skill levels and interests. Check out our catalog of expert guides and outfitters at, and book the hunt your buddies will be jealous of.

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