What Is HuntAnywhere.Com?

HuntAnywhere.com is the leading innovator of our industry: we represent the largest collection of professional hunting guides and outfitters found anywhere in the world. We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and professional hunting experts. And because we care about our wildlife, we donate a portion of each booked trip to several of the leading conservation and eco-groups…we really do!

What is HuntAnywhere.com’s Commission Rate?

HuntAnywhere.com charges the lowest fee in the industry with a flat, fixed commission rate of 10% of the trip total. There is no membership fee or subscription costs involved. And because we care about our wildlife, a percentage of the commission we charge goes straight to organizations that stand behind maintaining the future of our natural resources.

How Do Customers Pay?

At time of booking, customers will pay a deposit of 50% of the trip total through HuntAnywhere.com. Once you accept the trip, HuntAnywhere will contact you to verify payout details. The customer will pay the additional 50% of the trip cost to you directly. If you have any questions, call our Guide Support Team to discuss your payment options.

How Do I Receive Payment From HuntAnywhere.Com?

HuntAnywhere will contact you to verify payout details once you confirm the trip. Our most frequently used payout method is a check mailed directly to you. We can discuss alternative payout arrangements if a mailed check is not an option.

How Do I Edit My Listing/Add Photos?

To edit your listing, trip, or add photos: access “My Dashboard” at the top right of your page once you Login to your account. Look for the “Edit” button next to your listing and offered trips. Once you select the edit button, you will be able to make any changes you see fit. When you are happy with your changes, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save and Exit”.

To add or swap photos: click the “Edit” button next to your listing. This will take you to “Listing Overview”, go to “Photos” at the top of the page, and click “select image” to add your pictures. HuntAnywhere.com allows for 10 photos per listing, and you can update or change these at any time. Please refrain from uploading pictures containing any contact information, such as: Phone numbers and Websites. HuntAnywhere.com reserves the right to remove/edit any photos that we deem as going against our policies.

How Do I Manage My Calendar?

You can access your calendar from “My Dashboard” at the top right of you page once you log in to your account. Click on a single date or drag over a date range to select dates you are unavailable. To remove a date (or date range), find it in the listing below and click the red “x” to delete it.

What Does It Cost To List My Outfitter Or Guide Service With HuntAnywhere.com?

Nothing. Listing your guide or outfitter service with HuntAnywhere.com is absolutely FREE.

How Does HuntAnywhere.Com Work?

HuntAnywhere.com was created to use our team’s marketing expertise for your business growth. It only takes three easy steps to get started:

  • Create a profile
  • Add your hunts
  • Add trips and pricing – your trips are then listed and ready to be promoted.

Our unique algorithm means that as customers search, your guide or outfitter service is listed with your photos, customers’ reviews, and hunting reports. So the more you upkeep your listing(s), and receive positive customer reviews, the higher you will appear on searches.

How Are My Listings Prioritized And Ranked Within HuntAnywhere.com?

At HuntAnywhere.com we don’t believe in a “pay-to-play” system. Instead, you earn higher listing placement simply by being more active at HuntAnywhere.com. Our algorithm rewards those who contribute more value to their profiles, post frequent hunting reports, keep your calendar updated, and receive positive customer ratings. It’s that simple.

Why Does HuntAnywhere.com Ask If I Have Insurance Or Am A Legal Business Entity?

HuntAnywhere.com encourages trip providers to have insurance for their business and be a legal entity. While it is not a requirement to have these, HuntAnywhere.com considers them highly important. In order to provide our customers with best possible hunting options, those who comply will appear higher in search rankings.

How Does HuntAnywhere.Com Handle Cancellations And Refunds?

As a trip provider you select what cancellation policy works best for your business. This is displayed on your profile page for customers to see before they ever book a trip and is included in their confirmation email. If a customer cancels and is eligible for a refund, our team will work with you to ensure correct refund amounts are issued.

If as a trip provider you need to cancel a trip, contact HuntAnywhere.com for purpose of cancelling the trip, and we will work with you and the customer in regards to refunds and rescheduling.

A great way to avoid cancelling your trip is by referring it to a trusted partner of yours. We treat this like a restaurant manager would: as long as you can cover your shift, we don’t need to get involved. As the original “booked” trip provider, you are responsible for the referred guides/outfitter’s performance, meaning that any negative reviews will not only affect them, but you as well.

What if I have to cancel a trip due to inclement weather? It is your responsibility as a trip provider to be in contact with your customer prior to the trip to let them know where to meet, what to bring, and how the weather is looking. If the weather is looking suspect the night before the trip, be sure to be in contact with your customer so they know what is going on. If, on the day of the trip, the weather is still dangerous, you have every right to cancel the trip.

What Does “Book Your Next Adventure With Confidence” Mean?

HuntAnywhere.com is the world’s leading hunting reservation platform, brought to you by the same people who created FishAnywhere. We pride ourselves on payment security, which is why “Book your next Adventure with Confidence” isn’t just a tag line, it’s a promise to provide you with the most secure payment procedures available to ensure the financial security of both our customers, and our trip providers. This also includes refunds to customers when a booked trip is not able to happen due to weather, maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Is HuntAnywhere.Com Based In The United States?

YES. In fact, HuntAnywhere.com is based in Florida – and is the sister site to FishAnywhere.com. Together these services provide outdoor enthusiasts a one-stop-shop for your next adventure! HunAnywhere.com and FishAnywhere.com are owned and run by outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for making your fishing and hunting adventures more successful.

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