The things that come to mind when you hear Wisconsin likely include “cheesehead”, musky fishing, or giant whitetail deer. The Midwestern state borders two great lakes, and is occupied by the classic spread of forest and farmland throughout. It is the type of ground that is well-known for growing monster whitetails, and a lot of them. The deer population of one million animals does nothing but confirm that fact.

Wisconsin Deer Hunting

It is no secret that Wisconsin is a prime location for big deer, with Boone and Crockett rating one northern area, Buffalo County, as the best big deer county in the United States. On top of this, the state holds over 1,266 B & C entries, and has produced multiple world record whitetail. Overall, Wisconsin has almost 6 million acres of public land, including the renowned driftless area, which provides countless opportunities for quality hunting. To further sweeten the deal, non-resident tags are very inexpensive for both bow and gun season. 

Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunting

With an annual duck and goose harvest of nearly 500,000 birds, it is obvious that Wisconsin offers quality hunting. Being at the northern end of the Mississippi flyway, hunters can chase the beloved Mallard as well as other puddle ducks on many of the state’s ponds and sloughs, or brave the big water and hunt several species of divers on the great lakes or other substantial bodies of water. Being that the state does not have wildlife management areas, hunters typically rely on state wildlife areas and the aforementioned bodies of water. Out-of-state licenses are extremely reasonably priced, and are available in either full season or 5-day licenses, with the only other addition being a goose or duck permit that costs but a few dollars. All in all, Wisconsin provides quality waterfowl hunts in several different environments at a relatively inexpensive price, making it the perfect option whether you’re a diehard waterfowler or you’ve never set foot in the marsh.

Wisconsin Bird Hunting

Wisconsin also boasts an excellent upland bird scene that includes all of the top species. Pheasant, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge, bobwhite quail, dove, snipe, rail, woodcock, and more call this state home. This variety of species is unique to this area and offers a one-stop-shop to those wishing to tick some birds off the bucket list. Non-resident licenses continue to be very reasonable, with large discounts to those hunters hunting the state for the first time.

Other Wisconsin Species

Other species include black bear, wild turkey, and other small game species. The most recent Bear Management Plan is new to Wisconsin as of the last few years, and tags are required through a draw process. Be careful to not underestimate a Midwestern bear hunt, as over 3,700 black bears were harvested in 2018, proving there are plenty of opportunities to be had. The majority of the estimated 24,000 black bears reside in the northern third of the state, and hunters typically take fall bears over bait or with dogs. If you are more interested in harvesting a big Eastern Turkey, Wisconsin’s population of 350,000 birds and inexpensive license fees ensure a fantastic and affordable hunt.

Book Your Wisconsin Hunt

Whether you are looking to shoot the next world record whitetail deer, blast greenheads over a farm pond with your buddies, or run your favorite bird dog for a rooster, Wisconsin has something for hunters of all skill levels and interests. Contact one of our expert guides at, and book the hunt you will tell your grandchildren about.

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