There is more to New Jersey than many may think. Apart from being a highly strategic position in the Revolutionary War, the birthplace of the MTV hit show Jersey Shore, and the home of dazzling Atlantic City, the state is somewhat of a hidden gem for local hunters.

Hunting In New Jersey

New Jersey Waterfowl Hunting

Quite possibly the best hunting to be had is for diver ducks in the coastal marshes. Do not be mistaken though, as this is no farm pond hunt for mallards. Hunters typically employ multiple boats, using a high sided duck boat to ferry layout boats to areas of high bird movement. Massive decoy spreads are set out, and hunters hide in their low profile lay out blinds in the middle of the decoys and shoot at passing birds. Be sure to bring several boxes of shells, as fast flying surf scoters are typically the target of these hunts and they are not easy to knock down. Due to the gear and local knowledge-intensive nature of this style of hunting, it is highly recommended that you go with a professional New Jersey hunting guide if you wish to be successful. Apart from this, ducks and geese can still be hunted in the more traditional manner, as a huge percentage of the national black duck and Atlantic Brant population spend the winter in New Jersey’s coastal areas, and good numbers of mallards and wood ducks can be found inland. 

New Jersey Deer Hunting

If you prefer to sit in a stand on a crisp November morning over braving cold water in December, you will be interested in New Jersey’s deer hunting. New Jersey is home to over 125,000 whitetails that are spread throughout the state. These deer are capable of growing very large, with deer scoring over 150 inches being put on the ground season after season. On top of this, one of the major benefits of deer hunting in New Jersey is the huge amount of public land available. With over 500,000 acres of state managed land, the opportunities for all game are extremely abundant. Hunters are allowed two of them per season, and with licenses being inexpensive for out-of-state hunters, New Jersey is a great option for those hunters looking to kill a giant or simply fill the freezer. 

New Jersey Turkey Hunting

If nothing gets you going like a gobbler sounding off at first light, you won’t want to miss out on a New Jersey turkey hunt. Turkey hunting in New Jersey is unique in that it is treated more like a western big game hunt than a turkey hunt, as hunters must apply for both fall and spring tags. Fall tags are simply allocated on a quota basis, whereas spring tags are a lottery draw. This high stakes draw process ups the ante for hunters, adding to both the excitement and the quality of the hunt. The addition of the turkey permit to a base license is very inexpensive as well, providing a great opportunity for those looking to kill a gobbler and not break the bank. However, if you prefer hunting for large and potentially dangerous game, you will likely be interested in New Jersey black bear hunting.

New Jersey Black Bear Hunting

In the last two decades, both the population and distribution of black bears has exploded in New Jersey. Bears now occupy nearly every corner of the state, giving hunters opportunities to chase them with all manner of techniques. Permits are allocated through a quota basis, and hunters are allowed up to two per season. Being that permits are only a few dollars, hunters can experience a quality bear hunt without the steep travel and license costs of a trip out west. 

New Jersey Upland Bird Hunts

If you prefer to hunt something that is less likely to hunt you back, an upland bird hunt may be more your style. New Jersey runs a stocking program for both pheasant and quail throughout the fall hunting season. However, due to the decline of quail numbers in recent years, the season has been temporarily closed. On the bright side, pheasant season is open and there are plenty of birds to go around. To make things even easier, the state publishes both the location and number of species stocked in order to help increase hunter success. Those wishing to chase these birds must purchase an additional pheasant permit, which allows for two birds to be harvested each day.

Book Your Next New Jersey Hunt

Whether you are looking to experience a one of a kind hunt for tough sea ducks, harvest a trophy black bear, or fill your freezer with some delicious deer meat, New Jersey has opportunities for hunters of all skill levels and interests. Make your dream a reality by checking out our catalog of expert guides and outfitters here at, and booking the hunt of a lifetime!

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