The wide-open expanses of desert that make up much of New Mexico have long been known for their speculative involvement with extraterrestrials and the first testing of a nuclear bomb. While no one is sure if UFOs visit the far corners of the desert, there are plenty of opportunities to chase true exotics. Whether you are looking to kill a 400 inch Rocky Mountain Elk during the rut with your bow or have a run in with the rare African Ibex, New Mexico offers an exciting hunt coupled with a rich local culture that cannot be found anywhere else.

Hunting In New Mexico

New Mexico Elk Hunting

Arguably the greatest draw to hunters in New Mexico are the elk that grow to monstrous proportions. With bulls scoring in excess of 400 inches taken every year, it is no secret that New Mexico boasts a world class hunt. Because of this, tags for out-of-state hunters can be extremely difficult to draw. Fortunately for you, New Mexico strives to support their local hunting guides through their use of a separate drawing pool for those that apply with an outfitter service. When doing so, the odds of drawing are extremely high, and offer you a good chance at getting a trophy animal. We encourage you to take this avenue with one of our expert guides here at, and greatly improve your chances of not only drawing a tag, but also filling your tag. 

New Mexico Deer Hunting

If you prefer bucks to bulls, New Mexico mule deer may interest you. New Mexico is home to two different species of mule deer, the first being the Rocky Mountain mule deer that is found in the northern portion of the state, and the second being the Desert Mule Deer that is found in the south. All mule deer are intelligent and offer a challenging hunt, but the desert mule deer is especially challenging due to their spookiness and the lack of cover in the terrain they live in. Mule deer have the same guide pool option for drawing as do the Elk, which again provides strong odds for non-resident hunters to experience an incredible hunt. 

New Mexico Exotic Species

If you are looking to hunt something a bit out of the norm, New Mexico is your state. New Mexico offers the ability to hunt non-native exotics that include the Ibex, Barbary Sheep, and Oryx. New Mexico is home to the only wild Ibex population on the continent, and provides an extremely unique opportunity for the exotic hunter that does not want to travel across the Atlantic. On top of this, the Ibex are of world class size, which further sweetens the deal. Hunters can also choose to test both themselves and their gear with a Sheep hunt. Sheep hunts are well known for being extremely difficult, and taking place in rugged country, but the reward is priceless. Both Barbary and Bighorn sheep tags can be acquired through limited drawings. Finally, New Mexico is home to a population of African Oryx. These large animals were released in the early 70’s, and have flourished in the dry, rocky environment. Being non-native, the season is open for 6 months of the year, and offers a unique opportunity to hunt an animal you would only otherwise see on an African safari or at the zoo. Licenses for exotics can be quite expensive, but seem to get much cheaper when comparing a domestic flight to New Mexico with a trip to Africa.

New Mexico Upland Birds

New Mexico is also home to several species of upland birds, with hunting available nearly year round. Species that hunters chase include quail, Dusky Blue Grouse, and Eurasian Collared-Dove, all of which have long spread out seasons. Hunters need only purchase a game hunting license to pursue these birds.

Book Your Next New Mexico Hunt

Whether you are looking to hunt upland birds, monster elk, or exotic beasts from all around the world, New Mexico has opportunities for hunters of all skill levels and interests. Check out our catalog of expert guides at, and book yourself the hunt of a lifetime.

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