(“Site”) is operated by AnywhereBRANDS, Inc. and its affiliated companies (“Company” or “we” or “us” or “our”). The terms “you” or “users” refers to those selling hunting trips (i.e. outfitters and guides) and potential customers or visitors to the Site.

This Privacy Policy explains how information collected about you is used for Company purposes. There may be third party sites linked on the Site; Company is not responsible for the Privacy Policy of those sites. We encourage you to read all Terms of Use (link) and Privacy Policy notices provided by both this and third party sites. Read more regarding our use of third party sites in our Terms of Use Agreement.

We consider the security of your personal information a serious matter. The terms of this Privacy Policy describe how your personal data is processed, stored, and protected in the United States. By using the Site or the Company Services (as defined below), you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Company does not knowingly process or store personal information of children under age 18.


Through The Site

In order for you to use the Site, we require certain identifiable information (“Personal Data”) such as your and any family member or traveling companion’s name, address, telephone number, email address, age, gender, and current location. Personal Information provided by you on other persons must only be done with such person’s prior consent. In order to complete a sales transaction we also require financial information (“Financial Data”) such as the account numbers of banking, credit card, PayPal, or other acceptable payment methods. Personal Data and Financial Data will collectively be known as “Personal Information”. This Personal Information is collected either (a) by you personally inputting into the Site; (b) by automatic collection of your Personal Data as you use the Site; (c) when we communicate with you via telephone or email messages; or (d) from third party sites. You may opt not to provide such information, but your use of the Site may then be limited.

Through Third Party Sites

Company may also legally obtain both Personal Information and Non-Personal Data (defined below) through third party sites, including, but not limited to, affiliated businesses and social media sites. Personal Information may include purchase history and demographic information. By using the Site you agree to this collection of your Personal Information.

If you do not wish to provide Personal Information on the Site, you may telephone Customer Service (see below) to complete a transaction.


Company also collects information regarding your IP address, domain servers, tablet and mobile device identifier details, your location (such as area code or zip code), navigation of the Site, time and duration of your use of the Site, charters viewed, search history, and other details of your use of the Site. This information does not identify you personally (“Non-Personal Data”). Company uses this Non-Personal Data for the use of business strategy and procedures. Non-Personal Data may be retained indefinitely and may be anonymized and aggregated.

Company may also collect Personal Data and Non-Personal Data through the use of cookies or web beacons. Read the relevant section below for more information.


As stated previously, we take the matter of your Personal Information seriously. We have put in place reasonable and appropriate physical, technical, and administrative safeguards against unlawful collection and processing of your Personal Information. No system is completely secure; however, we believe the measures implemented by the Site reduces vulnerability to most security problems. We ask that you contribute to these security safeguards by:

  1. prohibiting any unauthorized user access the Site under your profile or registered user information;
  2. prohibiting any unauthorized user access to the Site while your computer, tablet, or mobile device is logged on to the Site;
  3. exiting from or logging off the Site when not in use;
  4. keeping all your user name access and your user information, including passwords, private;
  5. maintaining strong security on your computer, tablet and mobile device, including any third party sites that may be linked to your Site account.

If, for any reason, you believe your Personal Information has been compromised, we ask that you change your user name and password; and contact us immediately so that we can continue to maintain our security safeguards.

All Financial Data is stored by Company’s payment processing partners, Stripe, Inc. and PayPal; all financial transactions fall under their Privacy Policy (seen here and here) and they are contractually obligated to keep all Personal Information secure. Company receives a transaction identification number to validate each sales transaction. A transaction identification number does not include any Financial Data. All Personal Information is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

Please note, the Internet as a whole is not secure. Use at your own risk.


All users should note that your Personal Information is stored and processed within the United States. Data protection and other laws of the United States may not be as comprehensive as those of your country; however, you should have full assurance that we take every reasonable and appropriate safeguards to protect your private information. By continuing to use the Site, you agree that your Personal Information will be transferred to our facilities located in the United States.


Company uses your Personal Information and Non-Personal Data for various purposes, including,  but not limited to:

  • Providing service on the Site and/or support for Company Services (including management of your account);
  • Corresponding and communication with users regarding, but not limited to, transactions, Site updates or service related information;
  • Improving, measuring, customizing, or reporting on the Site, the Company Services, and marketing strategies;
  • Marketing, advertising, or promoting the Site and/or Company Services;
  • Working with third party sites for Company Services rendered or to be rendered;
  • Sharing customer information with operators or potential operators with whom Company has a relationship for hunting trips, guides, and outfitters;
  • Updating records, confirming accuracy, and/or verifying with third party sites;
  • Investigating and/or prosecuting any user we suspect of harmful, unlawful, or illegal activity;
  • Enforcing Company’s Terms of Use Agreement (link), this Privacy Policy, or any other purpose referenced therein or herein.

Site activity, sales, and other commercial statistics are collected and combined (sometimes in conjunction with third party sites) for the purpose of Company’s business strategy and improving the Site.


Company may disclose your Personal Information, at our own discretion, for reasons including, but not limited to: (a) enforcing our Terms of Use Agreement, Privacy Policy, or other policy referenced therein or herein; (b) responding, either by applicable law or in good faith, to a request from law enforcement or governmental authority; (c) in connection with actual or proposed litigation; or (d) protecting Company and its affiliates, the Site, other users, and other rights or interests. 

Company may also disclose your Personal Information, with your consent, to others, including, but not limited to:

  • An affiliate if you have requested their services or information;
  • Another user if you have agreed to do business with them;
  • A third party site performing services on our behalf (such as payment processing or marketing).

Users may access Site through a hyperlink from a website affiliate. If so, you agree that your Personal Information and Non-Personal Data may be shared between the two businesses in accordance with our contractual agreement with them.

In the event that Company is sold or merged with another company, you agree that your Personal Information and Non-Personal Data may also be transferred as a valuable asset. Likewise, your Personal Information and Non-Personal Data may be passed on to a successor in the unlikely event of a liquidation or bankruptcy.


Company may offer different communications to users to enhance the Site and/or Company Services. Various communications may include, but are not limited to: regular mail, email, text messages, or phone calls. You may cancel or opt-out of such communications at any time. Read the relevant section below for more information.

Call Monitoring  

Any telephone call made to or from Company may be recorded, transcribed, stored, accessed, used, transmitted and disseminated for the purpose of training or improving the Site and/or our services. By using the Site, you agree that you have no reasonable objection to recording or monitoring any inbound or outbound phone calls with the Company, that such telephone calls are not a confidential communications, and the use of call monitoring is within Company’s everyday business practices. All call monitoring is governed by this Privacy Policy; and call data is kept with same safeguarded measures as all other Personal Information. By your use of the Site, you hereby agree to Company’s use of call monitoring. 

Between Users

Users may communicate with each other regarding Company Services via tools made available on the Site. If a customer chooses to book a hunting trip with an operator, customer’s Personal Data will be made available to that operator. If an operator contacts a customer via telephone or text message, operator may be sharing your information with a customer, or may be asked to leave a message to share your information with a customer. Do not share any Personal Information that you are not prepared to allow other users to access.

Do not, in any circumstance, share Financial Data with another user in any form of communication.


Site uses “cookies,” a small data file that we place on your computer’s hard drive, for record-keeping purposes, to collect information on users (including users’ Site activity), to measure marketing effectiveness, and to promote security. Cookies also assist users with login information such as recalling Personal Data for easier access to the Site. Cookies do not recognize users personally and are not harmful to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. They are commonly used by other websites and have become a standard operating procedure across the Internet. You may erase cookies and still use the Site, although some services, including but not limited to registering and purchasing a trip with an operator, may be limited.

Site also may use Google tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords. These resources are managed through cookies and are covered under Google’s Privacy Policy (seen here). Google may collect, sort, correlate, and organize data regarding the Site’s activity. Such data is then used for business strategy and marketing effectiveness. We encourage users to become familiar with Google’s Privacy Policy. To opt-out of Google Analytics click here.


“Phishing” is the fraudulent practice of online identity theft, including, but not limited to, emails appearing to be sent from reputable companies or unauthorized persons asking for your Personal Information. If you receive any suspicious email, text, or phone call asking for your Personal Information, contact Customer Service immediately so that we can continue to maintain our security safeguards. Company WILL NOT ask for this type of information via email. If you receive such an email, do not provide any information, do not reply to the email, and do not click on any attachments or links inside the email. Safeguarding your Personal Information must be your top priority.


Company will store your Personal Information for as long as is needed and appropriate for the purposes which you consent to under the Terms of Use Agreement, this Privacy Policy, and any other purpose referenced therein or herein. At the time your Personal Information is deleted from our system, it will be done so in a manner such that the data cannot be retrieved or reconstructed.


Company may occasionally request users to complete a survey. We value users’ input in order to evaluate: the effectiveness of the Site and/or our services, existing and potential features and marketing strategies. Users have the option to not participate in a survey. Any information gathered from a survey is non-confidential and may be used for our business strategy, service improvement, and marketing strategies.


California law permits users residing in California to request certain information regarding the disclosure of your Personal Information by Company and its affiliates to third party sites for direct marketing purposes. To submit such request, contact us via the information found below.


Users may choose not to provide Personal Information, but use of the Site may then be limited.

Users may receive marketing emails or phone calls from the Company (including, but not limited to: promotions, discounts, and/or surveys); users may opt-out of receiving such communications by: (a) contacting Customer Support (contact us via the information found below); or (b) select “Unsubscribe” found in the marketing communications. Please note that any change in your preferences may take a short time to process before becoming effective.

Users may not opt-out of receiving targeted ads presented to you on or by means of the Site unless you refrain from using the Site altogether.


We ask that users update their own Personal Information in order to keep your data as current and accurate as possible. To do so: access the Profile, Guide/Outfitter Listing, Trips, or Account details and enter your up-to-date and accurate data. Where possible, if Company is informed of any inaccurate Personal Information, we will verify and update with user’s consent. In order to verify user account you may be required to provide us with Personal Information prior to accessing your account. Company may not accommodate a request if we, in good faith, believe that such changes or edits would violate any law or legal requirement, or cause the data to be incorrect.


Company may, at our sole discretion, update this Privacy Policy. The above date reflects the most recent version. Our Privacy Policy revisions are effective once posted on the Site. You are encouraged to review our Privacy Policy regularly.


To contact us in order to receive further information regarding this Privacy Policy, contact our Customer Service department:

AnywhereBRANDS, Inc.
502 S. Woodland St.
Winter Garden, FL 34787

[email protected]

Version Date: January 31, 2020

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