When people think of Ohio, they most likely think of The Buckeyes or Cedar Point. Outdoorsman, on the other hand, likely picture massive wall-hanger bucks on field edges, or big turkeys gobbling at day-break.

Hunting In Ohio

Ohio Deer Hunting

Ranked as one of the top ten states for Boone and Crockett bucks, there is no doubt that Ohio produces true giants on a consistent basis. It also seems as though bucks are getting even bigger, with Ohio having the second most entries in the country over the last 10 years. Big whitetails are so common, locals went so far as to create their own club known as the “Buckeye Big Buck Club” that is exclusive to those members that have killed Booner bucks. Ohio’s success may be attributed to their interesting bag limit of six deer, that allows only one to be antlered. This effective management plan allows hunters to hunt for one trophy buck and then fill the freezer with does. Out-of-state hunters must purchase a base hunting license and then an either sex permit for a buck and an inexpensive antlerless permit for each additional doe they wish to harvest.

If you wish to hunt public land, there are several great options for deer that include the Woodbury Wildlife Area, the Dillon Wilderness Area, and the Shawnee State Forest. Some of the land, like Shawnee, is pretty rugged, but those willing to work hard will experience little pressure and big bucks. However, if you prefer leaning up against an old oak tree with a slate call and a shotgun to climbing a tree stand with your bow, Ohio turkey hunting may be right for you.

Ohio Turkey Hunting

Ohio is home to a turkey population of around 200,000 birds of the eastern subspecies. With a fall season in most counties allowing one bird of either sex and a full spring season allowing two bearded birds, hunters have a plethora of opportunities to call in a big old gobbler and enjoy the show before eating some fried turkey nuggets. Hunters must only purchase a base license and a turkey permit before entering the woods.

Ohio Waterfowl Hunting

If you prefer fast flying groups to lone gobblers, an Ohio duck hunt has your name on it. Ohio may not be known as a top waterfowl hunting destination, but there is plenty of good hunting to be had. It is home to several large state-managed marshes that are operated on a lottery system. Hunters apply for a couple of dollars, and are allowed to win one day a year. This lottery system keeps the hunting strong, and allows for unforgettable hunts. If that is not your speed, there are many other state managed wildlife areas, specifically in the northwest along Lake Erie and south on the Ohio river, that offer phenomenal hunting opportunities for both ducks and geese. The state is broken up into several different hunt areas with different seasons so make sure to check your local regulations before hunting. Hunters must purchase either a full season or three-day license as well as a state duck stamp and federal duck stamp. Prices for these licenses are a bit on the high side but still reasonable.

Book Your Next Ohio Hunt

Whether you are looking to shoot a Booner and fill the freezer, take a crack at an old tom, or kill a limit of mallards in the marsh, Ohio has opportunities for hunters of all skill levels and interests. Check out our catalog of expert guides on HuntAnywhere.com and book a hunt you will not soon forget.

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