4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA

4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA
4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA
4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA
4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA
4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA
4 Day Whitetail Hunt | Archery | Arlington, GA
Hunt Duration: 4 Days
Maximum Number of Hunters: 4
Typical Hunting Season: Deer: September -January. Hogs: Year round!
Hunting Method: Bowhunting, Fair Chase, Stands
Guided or Semi-Guided: Semi-Guided
Land Type: Private
Language Spoken by Staff: English
Accommodation Included: Yes

Semi-guided archery hunt for white-tailed deer plus hogs at no additional charge.

Get ready for an exhilarating deer hunting experience like no other! At our hunting plantation, we take deer hunting to the next level, exclusively using archery tackle, including traditional bows, compound bows, or crossbows. Leave your rifles and shotguns behind because this is all about the thrill of the hunt with archery precision.

What sets our plantation apart is its pristine condition and the strict protection it received from the previous owner for a whopping 17 years. Imagine a sanctuary untouched by hunters, where white-tailed deer roam freely, guided by solunar activity and weather patterns. This pristine environment has allowed the deer population to thrive, with a diverse range of animals of all ages. You’ll encounter majestic trophy deer, many of which are five years or older, making for a truly remarkable hunting experience.

To preserve this unique scenario, we are committed to minimizing human disturbance on the plantation. We understand the importance of maintaining the sanctuary-like environment that has produced such exceptional deer. As a result, we offer only a limited number of hunts annually, ensuring that each hunting experience remains extraordinary.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of deer hunting in a pristine and carefully managed habitat. Leave the rifles behind and embrace the challenge and precision of archery. Our plantation promises a hunting adventure like no other, with the opportunity to encounter mature trophy deer and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this exclusive and limited hunting experience—book your spot now!

Hunters arrive mid-day Wednesday. Hunt Wednesday afternoon through Sunday morning. Hunt consists of 8 sits. Limit of 1 mature buck, 130 inches or better and unlimited hogs. Maximum of four hunters.

Pricing and Policies

Trophy Fee Included: Yes

Included In Price: Meals, Lodging

Not included In Price: Game Processing, Hunting License, Tips

Final Payment Terms: Final Payment is due upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy: Refund or reschedule with notice prior to the hunt where an emergency or unusual circumstance mandates a change of plans.

Wound Policy: Wounded animal counts as a filled tag.

Tag Policy: Licenses can be purchased online at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website, http://gadnr.org!

Terrain Details

Quail Plantation piney woods broken up by two creeks and several small drainages. See photos.

Hunting Area Size:


Private rooms with king beds and private baths. One hunter per room.

How to travel here: Drive. Fly to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, Albany , Georgia. Free limo service to plantation!

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